Anaya Farrell

Anaya Farrell, LIMFT, CYT, AAMFT Clinical Fellow

Anaya Are you looking to live a more authentic life? I believe that everyone has a story that is uniquely their own, one that is sacred and needs to be honored, and I believe that from these stories, every person has wisdom and personal insights to share. Sometimes we deny or forget how to access this innate wisdom; we lose touch with our passions and our sense of personal empowerment. We can get caught up, burdened or overwhelmed by our histories, especially if trauma has occurred in our lives. I work gently but powerfully with my clients to uncover, rediscover, and co-create a future that is rich with possibility and promise.

In my practice as a licensed independent marriage and family therapist, I am honored to work with individuals, couples and families from all walks of life. I structure my sessions in order to utilize the strategies that will best serve each individual client. My focus is on narrative and solution-focused brief (SFBT) therapy, and I incorporate “third wave” evidence-based mindfulness-based therapies that change the brain’s processing of pain and emotion such as mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), self-compassion therapy (SCT), mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (MB-CBT), dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), and acceptance-commitment therapy (ACT).
I believe that change is activated when we really get in touch with and honor our authentic sense of self; we can engage actively in this journey of meaning-making and interconnection by practicing non-judgment and self-compassion. I would be honored to share this journey with you.

Contact Anaya on her confidential voicemail at 216-398-8107 (no texts)